Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Body

I was first introduced to body scans on retreat up at Aryaloka. I was into yoga when I first got into meditation and I think yoga brings awareness to the body. I learned yoga from Beryl Bender Birch. With children, yoga has fallen by the wayside, but I occasionally do some sun salutations.

Then I would say the next step in my exploration of the body came about when I read a book my friend helped edit, Touching Enlightenment.

Then I'm reading The Body by Paramananda

More recently, in what I called jokingly The Rego Park Buddhist Center, when I have a kind of half practice day with two friends, we do a body scan by Vidyamala from Free Buddhist Audio (an amazing amazing resource).

Vidyamala is featured briefly in The Triratana Story.

Vidyamala has a video on videosangha, where she talks about her life in preparation for the urban retreat, which happened last year. You can get a sense of her to look at her talking:

One of the things she says in the talk on FBA is, "it's not about endurance, it's about awareness." I like the connection to the lower back in breathing with the diaphram. I'm glad to do a body scan on a small practice day.

Here is another talk by Vidyamala:

She also has a book:

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Sheylabelle said...

Thank you for taking the time to hold practice day today. I'm glad we started with the body scan;it was amazing. I gained awareness, clarity, and peace. I love The Rego Park Buddhist Center!