Monday, January 31, 2011


I've been on a million retreats, and at this moment, I think I need a solitary retreat. But I made the most of the precious opportunity and it's given me the meditation feeling of deeper meditation, clarified and boosted my motivation for my spiritual life.

The retreat was on the 6 perfections, we did the last three: virya, dyana, prajna. I could riff on these three virtues, energy, meditation and wisdom. Maybe I'll do that in further posts. I'm not with a internet connection these days, so I have to cadge one here and there.

I will note a cracking talk by Padmavajra on Virya.

So if you've never been on a retreat, I recommend going on one. The vegetarian food is good, the company is wonderful, being in nature is nurturing, having the peace and time to explore yourself in a warm and friendly environment is spectacular. We chant devotional stuff (optional) and meditate.

I feel more healthy, centered, connecting to what is important. I feel it brings out the best in me, and I feel very seen and appreciate by the people there. I'm seen for the person I want to be, less what I can do for others. My spiritual life is most at stake, and there's a felt sense that what ever individual I end up being is fine, conformity isn't valued.

There's a lot of discussion on this particular retreat, as we work through the experiences and concepts, and you get to know other people pretty well. In a way, that's what's so exhausting for me as a psychotherapist. I need to connect to myself, not so much others, but that's where I was so I made the best of it. And I realized I need to take more responsibility for my meditaiton practice and I need to take more time out to nourish myself. And I'm glad I could at least do that for a weekend up at Aryaloka.

I don't know you, but I recommend you take some time out and connect with yourself in a supportive way free from distractions. And if you've already done that, well, good job then, I hope it was good for you. Feel free to post a comment about your retreat experience! Or any thought!

BTW here's the most recent talk on FBA, and it's on a solitary retreat.

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