Friday, May 06, 2011

The art of reflection

I liked this book when in the first chapter Ratnaguna talks about papanca.

Reflection and doing nothing isn't a new idea to me. In talking to me about my solitary retreat, my friend suggested that I do nothing, not even meditate.

I've been thinking a lot lately that quitting blogging, twitter, Facebook, and other social media might be the best way I could simplify and open up my life to more spaciousness. I'm afraid the mello steve that move to NYC 21 years ago has succumbed to the hyper kinetic New Yorker intense way of being. Rushing is a way of life, where people honk before the light changes so you look up and see the light change.

I do like written public journal like reflection.

Anyway, chapter one was a good chapter. I feel like this is a ground breaking book, and that it's reinforcing the obvious. I don't know if I've been indoctrinated into the TBC/O way of thinking, which also encourages one to break the mould and think independently.

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