Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Ratnaguna on The Art of Reflection

The Art Of Reflection from Clear Vision Trust on Vimeo.

I got the book yesterday and started reading.

Looking around there are other videos of Ratnaguna

While I was eating my leftovers omelet this morning, with leftover beans salad from the falafel place, I watched this (I know, multitasking, not good...) and really enjoyed it. Here's what I wrote as a comment on video sangha:

"Awesome. I really like the idea of turning inward, and I hope to convince my patients in psychotherapy that turning inward will be, in part, a solution to what ever reason they came in for.

I just got his book, and I've listened to his talks, but I thought I'd just see what else is out there about him, and I'm really pleased to have run across this lovely video that has a whole talk! Thank you."

He's also got some awesome talks on Free Buddhist Audio, where you can learn the Dharma and get to know Ratnaguna (as much as you can by watching a video and listening to a talk). I listened to his talk, again, on Shinran, as I drove through the night in Virginia. It helped me to keep awake while I transported precious cargo from visiting my grandparents in Georgia, coming home to NYC.

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Chrisy said...

Great book (on my second reading) and enjoyed the videos...ta for sharing...