Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Public Journal

One weird thing about the blog is that if you read from top to bottom, it's like reading a book backwards.  Like reading a book of essays backwards.  You read the latest thoughts first, and don't really know the evolution (unless you follow someone, which is not so easy with all the blogs out there).

I just went back and updated some old entries.  I don't think that appears in the reader, which is fine.  I'm setting the record straight for myself.

I appreciate it when people point out spelling mistakes, and often I reread this and am horrified with mistakes of unclear writing.  The speech precept urges me on to speak truthfully, clearly and kindly.  I make mistakes.  This isn't a book with an editor, this is a personal blog without any formal editors.  So please forgive the mistakes.  Even so, I do hope to put enough attention into it so that people are not turned off by the mistakes.  And I'm open to feedback.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to practice writing and express myself, for free (beyond the price of computer equipment and internet).

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