Sunday, November 18, 2012

Enlighten Up!

At a certain point of insomnia, I couldn't read any more, so I watched Enlighten Up!  It's a movie about a guy who committed to go on a yoga journey.  He's a kind of skeptical fact based journalist, who liked rock climbing.  The person doing the film really loved yoga, and he felt a pressure to get into it.  He felt she should go on the journey he went on.

He did a bunch of classes in New York, and the surrounding area, and then went to Hawaii and then India.  In the journey visited many famous yoga teachers.

I saw Beryl Bender Birch, who taught me yoga, years ago, when I had achilles tendonitis after running my third marathon.  I got into Astanga Yoga.  But I haven't practiced in a while, and I turned more towards spirituality, and BuddhaDharma, so I was hoping it was more towards enlightenment, and not so much yoga, but that was interesting too.

I enjoyed the journey that included laughter yoga, which I've always wanted to try, and seeing gurus, and getting a larger perspective.

It was interesting when the movie kind of exposed the guy's fight between his internalized mother and father.  His father is a criminal lawyer, and his mother is a shaman.  As a journalist, he was basically a materialistic, fact based fellow.

He was kind of pushed into being "spiritual", which is his experience of his mother.  What I think was cool was when he got to the point where he wouldn't talk about it.  Things were clearly going on inside of him, but he just didn't want to expose it in public, including trying to date a woman without a camera around.  You could tell he was lonely, and he missed his family and he normal way of life.  He tried his best, but you could see it in his facial expression that he wasn't that into it.  He looked put upon.

In the end, the journey went from the physical to the internal, and while the fellow wasn't very forthcoming, you could feel it changed him.  He just couldn't put words to it, which must have been hard for a journalist.

What was most interesting was the pressure he put on himself, and his recognition that he was who he was.  The gurus told him that, he was getting out of it what he put into it.  He stopped going yoga in the end.

An interesting kind of project--to push someone into something they are not really into, maybe for their own good.  A surprisingly interesting movie for me.  Maybe because it's 4am, and I can't sleep, but sometimes a documentary hits me just right and I really appreciate the real human experience, it seems somehow universal and archetypal.  His trying to hear god and not hearing anything.

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