Saturday, November 03, 2012

Good talk

I've sort of lost my will to listen to talks on Free Buddhist Audio.  I felt like I'd listened to all the talks that had vitality to them.  I have a blog of my favorite talks from a few years ago.  I've heard some good talks since then, but this one made me want to blog.

The talk is by Chandradasa.  It's part of a series called Religion Without God: Death and the Biggest Questions of All.  It addresses the question of what happens after death.  It's a well researched talk.  It basically points towards uncertainty, and puts ideas of rebirth into a rich context.  I've heard a version of this talk on retreat, and it's cool to see how people evolve as teachers and speakers.  The talk is given at the Portsmouth Buddhist Center New Hampshire.  Click on the first link to go to the talk.

(Now for a wee bit of winging.  I used to be able to click on listening to a talk, and I could listen to it on my phone.  Now it just replays the first track. Strike one. At FBA they like to break the tracks into sections so you can search for things, but I've always liked the talks not broken into tracks, and the problem I have wouldn't happen. So then I try another way, and it just plays one track at a time, and the "Play all" doesn't work on my phone. Strike two. So you have to click all tracks, so you can't really fall asleep listening to it, like I like to. So then I downloaded it. And when you download it, and open it up, it opened up mixed up, so I had to create a playlist with it in the right order.  Strike three. I hope it's not this complicated for you to listen to this talk. I used to point these things out to FBA. They're doing their best, I'm sure, and technology is complicated. I'm not the kind of person who blames myself when technology doesn't work, but perhaps I've done something "wrong", or didn't solve it when it can be solved.)

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