Friday, January 02, 2015

'body scan meditation' by vidyamala

free buddhist audio : : 'body scan meditation' by vidyamala

Retreat update: We did a body scan, which is wonderful. Vidyamala really does an excellent one and it takes 40 minutes. There are some phrases I like, like "back breathing" and "soft hands". She really zooms in on some interesting places. We had a lot of thoughts and feelings about our bodies and shared them in our check in.

Before that we read another intense section of The Essential Sangharakshita. That guy gets me every time.

We slept late. I think there are a few things about having a retreat in the home with two people. One is that it's harder to push yourself to conform to a schedule. We created an intense schedule and we've done about half of it. And I've broken all the rules. But I'm proud I meditated twice for 40 minutes yesterday and read a lot of Dharma, and cooked.

We just made a smoothie, that I'm going to write about on my other blog.

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