Sunday, March 17, 2013

Until the 22nd (of March) 2013

Christie's (NYC) is showing a bunch of Buddhist art in Asia Week, which ends the 22nd. Lots of rupas and tankas.

If you can't make it, just download a catalogue. This one too.

I had a series of thoughts when I saw the prices of the collectables. I bought my rupa for $125. I couldn't find one for less than $12K, though many were more than 6 digits. I found myself looking most at the price.

You can glimpse them before they're bought up for private or possibly public collections.

I see the images as sacred objects, objects of devotion. To spend so much money, well, I imagine using the money to further the dharma, like help pay rent on a room for meditation and sangha. Every time I walk by a storefront that has a "for rent" sign, I think Buddhist Center. There are a million good causes to donate to.

But some people have a lot of money. Some want to collect art. Maybe if prices go up on Buddhist art, perhaps some of that money will go to a living artist.

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