Sunday, February 03, 2008

exploring possibility

He writes of his partner, "What do you think about having a child so late? “I would still have had him even though it is hard and would in some ways preferred to have had him at 24. I can see the sense of having a child when young, but I was very idealistic and riven. It would have logically been better to have gone for the family thing then and be freer now in my 40’s. However, the advantage of having a child late is that although I may not have the same energy and am probably tied up until I’m 60, I do have a lot more self-knowledge, spiritual practice, friendship, patience, and am happier in myself. I have a lot more to give my son by having him late. I see definite pros and cons.”"

I have wondered about having children when I was 37. I almost lament not having the energy of an 20 year old, like my parents, who had me while in college. But they struggled accepting the responsibility. I too struggle with that. My age helps in so many ways. I also lament that hey will be in college (hopefully) when I'm in my late 50's, if I live that long (I'm not morbid, I just can't assume anything, since life is so precious). The trade off in energy is gained by wisdom and self knowledge.

Wonderful stuff this essay. I have so many thoughts and feelings about it. My posts begin with this one.

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