Sunday, February 03, 2008

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He writes, "Her first point is that it is too general a question as motherhood is not a constant thing, but rather it changes all the time as the demands change. She then went onto say that, “I have never known such love for another human being as I have experienced for Thomas. It’s as if it has opened a whole other aspect of my humanity. I know what it is to love another so much that I’d lay down my life without any hesitation.” However, it has been very demanding: “I have never worked so hard, never engaged with anything that is so totally demanding and constantly full-time…a 24 hour job…. I didn’t realise it would be that hard. But then I think he is quite an active baby as well.”"

Here are two themes, learning about love through parenting and the challenges and difficulty of parenting. As the metta sutra says, "just as a mother loves her only child," you get a feeling of parental love. How do you know that feeling of parental love without having children? I wouldn't say it was impossible.

In creating a new society, you have to take into account children, otherwise it's a sterile revolution.

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