Sunday, February 03, 2008

more on Karmabandhu's essay

Karmabandhu write about a friend, "Anyhow, having decided to marry and start a family, Prasannavira says that he realised that his ideas of the spiritual life had to change. Speaking to me, he was clear that, “you can practise as effectively with a baby as without one”. He said that the first thing for him was to keep up some sort of meditation practice along with Tai Chi. It has also become much more apparent that “spiritual life is the whole of life”. “In a way it is more intense. It is a potent situation if I can engage with it.” He described how his options have narrowed and that some preferences and ideas, such as travelling, have had to be shelved."

I comment on the "narrowing of options" in my essay. That was the things that helped me to realize how important the sangha, dharma and meditation is for me. I don't know if I would have known that. Perhaps I'm romanticizing the situation. But I do feel it has clarified something for me.

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